Five Things Everyone Needs to Know About Climate Change

Bill Nye is one of the most popular teachers of science these days. An engineer by education, he has an excellent grasp on various aspects of science and also an excellent ability to convey those concepts to the general public. That’s the reason he had a successful television show for kids, and why he’s still commonly referred to as “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.”

Here he is on a recent video posted by National Geographic Explorer, describing the five things everyone needs to know about climate change. If you are well versed on the topic then you’ll know this already, but it’s a good simple one-minute description of some very basic facts that people need to get their heads around.

Is the Climate Change Discussion Reaching a Tipping Point?

Are we approaching a climate change tipping point? Depends on who you ask. In this three-minute video, Bill Nye talks with Neil deGrasse Tyson (my science hero) and Chuck Nice about the convergence between climate change deniers and young Earth creationists. Clearly Neil and Bill are both rooting for an increasingly scientifically literate population to triumph, but Chuck helps provide some comic relief and intermittently provides the climate change denier’s point of view.

See what you think.

John Oliver Puts it in Perspective

John Oliver is a funny man. And he still manages to make you chuckle on his television show “Last Week Tonight” as he points out how serious the issue of climate change is, and how badly we as a civilization are dealing with it. He even brings Bill Nye (the Science Guy) along to illustrate how poorly the media usually cover the issue.

At least John gives it the proper perspective that it deserves. If only the “real” media would do the same thing.

Bill Nye Teaches Climate Change 101

“Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.”
—Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Most people know about Bill Nye the Science Guy. He’s helped to educate many kids about scientific issues with his Disney / PBS television program that ran during the 1990s entitled “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” (I think many adults learned from that show as well; I for one can tell you it was very entertaining.)

Bill Nye continues to educate and advance science in many ways. One that’s particularly meaningful to me as an astronomy buff is that he is connected to the Planetary Society, an organization co-founded by Carl Sagan and of which I have been a member for nearly thirty years. From 2005 to 2010 he served as vice president and since then he has been its Executive Director.

I found a short video that Bill Nye narrates called Climate Change 101. In just four and a half minutes he touches on many important aspects of the problem of climate change. There’s even a simple yet elegant experiment showing the impact of carbon dioxide on increasing atmospheric temperature that helps make the point clear: carbon dioxide is a major player in global warming.

Watch the video and see how well and how eloquently Bill Nye defines this important issue, making it very clear that the time for us to act is now.