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Winner of the iUniverse Editor’s Choice, Star Books, and Rising Star awards





Honorable Mention at the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival
(category: general nonfiction)

Received Bronze in the Environment Category at the
2011 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards.



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Here are a selection of personal endorsements for “Comprehending the Climate Crisis”:

“Dr. Dibble’s book is an excellent overview of climate change. Covering basic chemistry and cosmology—and taking an historical approach that stretches back before the Industrial Revolution—he explains the science that’s so necessary to truly grasping this issue. Readers will come to understand global warming’s devastating effects but they won’t leave with hopelessness. Dr. Dibble sets out practical solutions—like ending coal-fired power and ramping up solar and wind energy—that in relatively short order could bring great improvement.”
—Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

“I thrive on common sense and have difficulty with arguments that lack logic or are filled with empty rhetorical statements. That is the reason why I enjoyed  Dr. Dibble’s book. It presents to the reader a coherent and cogent description of a timely topic. We have been inundated with various viewpoints and one is easily confused with the bipolar quality of existing thoughts. Although comfortable with the science and the subject, I didn’t feel that Dr. Dibble belittles the scientific reader yet he also keeps the novice well paced with adequately detailed descriptions of the basic elements contributing to the problem. From the atom and it’s energy to the consumer’s use and abuse of the available substances, we are led through a chronology with a worrisome ending. He paces us through simple pragmatic  approaches to involve us in the solution. He invites the reader to take active part in making a difference. We are warned that there are barriers and we are encouraged to face them. He succeeds in his motivation to deliver a brief but complete synopsis of a real crisis.”
—Dr Richard Goudie BSc MD  CCFP Dip Sport Med, Chief Medical Officer, Canadian Paralympic Team 2008, 2012

“This book takes a complex issue and makes it readily understandable! I bought a copy for all of my nieces and nephews for Chistmas, as it translates for them a scientific argument that I have been unable to adequately articulate, on a topic of great passion for so many of their generation. Thank you, Dr. Dibble, for helping me to help them engage in one of the most important issues of our time.”
—Dr. Robert H. Ballagh, MD FRCSC 

“I’ve just finished this book and I’ve got to say that it’s incredible. It really ought to be required reading for all, say 9th graders in social studies classes. I mean everything he touches on is incredibly important. And the way he explains the science behind the creation of our galaxy, our planet, the elements we encounter daily, electricity, engines, turbines, the carbon (and other elements) cycle, the amazing way fossil fuels were created, the problems we are facing and how we got there and what we can do about them….. makes it real, understandable and personal. I love how he explains what the possible future scenarios are and the likely outcome of each. I love knowing now what I can do to decrease my own carbon footprint (was doing some before but clearly not enough). I’m walking the walk and talking the talk. I have hopefully talked others into buying this book after meaningful (and now educated) discussions on the problems. Congratulations Dr. Dibble. And thank you.
p.s. it was beautiful how he wraps it up with Carl Sagan’s poignant words.”
—Dr. Marc Lewin MD

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