Comprehending the Climate Crisis

Why would a cardiologist write a book on global warming? Well, first and foremost, my concerns about climate change stem more from being a concerned citizen of this planet. However, as physicians we have a duty to care for people in our communities, and not just those who are sick; we also do our best to prevent health problems. I believe that duty extends beyond those who step into our offices. Additionally, cardiovascular and respiratory patients are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so many of the types of patients I treat are going to be the most susceptible to adverse effects on health due to climate change. Lastly, I’ve gained a lot of experience throughout my career in taking complex concepts in health and disease and explaining them to the public in ways that are easy to comprehend without missing the crucial elements necessary for proper understanding. I felt it was important to take those skills and apply them to my efforts in educating people about the climate crisis.